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At IPN you can always count on personalized, 1-on-1 service. We’ll pair you with a knowledgeable InTec Advisor that you can get to know and trust.


Never again be outsourced to a foreign call center. All our offices and advisors are located within the United States.


InTec Advisors are standing by. Get answers and results within 15 minutes, not a week from now.


We connect remotely to your computer so you don’t have to haul your device to the repair shop. And if you just so happen to need a repair shop we will come to you to repair it for the same cost.

InTec Internet Security & BackUp

IPN has a customized suite of tools, support, and preventative maintenance to keep your technology running at peak performance.

IPN Guarantee

If we can’t diagnose or fix your issue, we’ll refund your money. We will do everything we can to make sure your issue is resolved.

Business or Home

With IPN’s InTec Platform it allows us to support the largest of enterprises down to the smallest of businesses. Learn More Today!

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With around the clock Technicians it is as easy as a chat away to fix your issue!

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From large to very small business IPN InTec can Help.

Managed IT Services

IPN offers the benefits of safeguarding your data, proactive maintenance, rapid response, flexible hosting, and can create a total Managed IT Support solution for your business.

Customized IT Solution

Our all inclusive, customized outsourced IT solution allows you to utilize our team for anything from migration services to consulting to disaster recovery.


InTec 24/7 remote and onsite service will be there to fix all of your needs

Virtual CIO Services

Our IT Consulting and Strategy Management Services will help you create and maintain a successful technology plan that works for your business.